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(Born August 20, 1980) Shambay Silver is an American musician, director, Wrestling Federation Owner and actor, known primarily as the front man of the nu metal band Zip Bagz and owner of New Millennium Ent..

In 1997, at the age of 17, Silver founded Underground Pound Inc. Building on Silvers discovery that he could film college-aged women fighting in local clubs and out in the street. Underground Pound Inc. has become a company with over 30 employees and has recorded sales in excess of $32 million per year. Underground Pound Inc. also is Responsible for Classic Championship Wrestling (CCW) an American professional wrestling promotion. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada it began as a regional promotion affiliated with the Chain Gang Championship Wrestling (CGCW), until 2001, when it was purchased in its entirety by Silver and Underground Pound Inc.

From 2003 onwards, CCW began to turn the corner economically, largely due to the promotion of Chris Kaple The Lead Drummer in Zip Bagz to Executive Producer, the hiring of Rex Steel (9 Time World Heavyweight Champion from the 80's), the introduction of Nightfall Wars on Monday Nights, the Old School Order and other innovative concepts. However, Shambay Silvers Greatest accomplishment to date is the once a Year all out Pay Per View event known as Rumble land, that Takes Place in The Desert of Las Vegas, bringing together 3 Divisions of Wrestling, CGCW ( Chain Gang Championship Wrestling ), CCW (Classic Championship Wrestling), and BAW (Back Alley Wrestling ). This event has broken world wide attendance records with last year hosting 2.3 million people and 24 million Pay per view Sales. Rumble Land puts the Superstars from each Division up against one another and sets a stage for the most electrifying experiences in Wrestling to date.
This genius system requires fighters to pay monthly dues through a system similar to Pay Pal that is linked to a Chairman in each state; the state then sends the funds to BAW.  These funds pay for professionally filmed and produced wrestling shows, videos, and even matches that require travel. Championship belts, promotional items, and winners’ pay purses are also financed by these funds.  In addition, most states currently have their own BAW tour buses.

It was reported last year that BAW earned $14.6 million.   All of the money was provided by BAW participants across the nation. The BAW has become so popular that there is an estimated 9 million wrestlers in the United States and Canada who are registered. This makes for county, city, state, regional, and coastal recognized national champions. The BAW consists mostly  of males between the ages of 18 and 40.  Although back alley wrestling was not unheard of prior to the 1990s, the modern backyard wrestling "craze" lasted from roughly 1996 to 2003.  That’s when the BAW started a new level of underground wrestling by recruiting MMA fighters, bouncers, boxers, gang members, and backyard wrestlers to come together and form a federation in Maryland.  This special federation would refuse to be transformed into merely an artistic form of professional wrestling with fake moves and gimmicks.

The BAW is raw, is real, and is no holds barred. Most matches are set in a discrete location that can vary from state to state.  For example, Tennessee may have a barn match, while Chinatown Champion Le Lu only fights in underground cage matches. Every month, a pay-per-view event brings together champions from across the nation to a secret location for the main event, known as the "Alley Walk.”  Bets are made, titles are awarded, and only the strong survive in one piece. These Alley Walks also determine the ranking system nationwide, as well as help decide who earns a trip to Rumble Land in Las Vegas to represent BAW at wrestling’s biggest pay-per-view event of the year.

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