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Classic Championship Wrestling (CCW)

Owner: Shambay Silver

CCW (Classic Championship Wrestling) is the largest grossing wrestling federation in the world. This Las Vegas based federation is known for providing pissed off, Old-School style wrestlers and their fans a place to prove that 80's wrestling was more then a gimmick. And how do we do that you might ask? With Flair, Style, Costumes, Showmanship and UNAPOLOGETIC BEATINGS! And the fans love it. CCW provides all of the grit from the 70's era, the quirkiness of the 80's and the wild personalities of all of the Wrestling eras from the past. The strongest man takes all!  And with the backing  of New Millennium Ent. provided by it's owner Shambay Silver there is plenty of money to go around for new talent. Once every 18 months CCW and Silver host the biggest event in Sports, RUMBLE LAND a Pay-Per view event which brings all 3 Wrestling Federations together to decide who truly is the Baddest wrestler on the Planet. With CCW's acquisition of RUMBLE LAND IV's Tag Team Champions Supreme Dream, they have continued for the 4th year in a row to hold a RUMBLE LAND champ.

Back Alley Wrestling (BAW)

Owners: Jim Fappel, Billy Baldwin, Steven Sinclair

BAW (BACK ALLEY WRESTLING) is the underground child of Backyard Wrestling, which boast a impressive 9 million fighters in the US, Canada, and Mexico. This Federation has some of the toughest street fighting, back alley brawlers in the world. And it’s all financed by the wrestlers in their federations. Each state gets a federation and is governed by their board chair. Dues are then paid by the wrestlers in each federation directly to BAW which in turn cover fight promotions, and events. These brawls can take place anywhere at any time, and have created some of the most unique match types in wrestling to date. Back alley's road to RUMBLE LAND is a little longer , but provides multiple title opportunities. To represent BAW at RUMBLE LAND, a wrestler must first when their city titles, then state. After which they are able to challenge other neighboring state champions, and compete for the regional title. All regional champions will then compete for the right to participate at RUMBLE LAND. The same system is in effect for their Tag-Teams and Women wrestlers. BAW wrestler Samuel O'Connell carries the federation on his back as RUMBLE LAND IV's Heavyweight Champion making BAW the two time defending federation champions. 

Chain Gang Championship Wrestling (CGCW)

Owners: Gary “Huey” Stevens, Benjamin Ball

CGCW (Chain Gang Championship Wrestling) is the staple of hardcore wrestling. Run by a former warden, this league is full of ex-felons, bikers, and plane insane lunatics and is considered by many the most extreme federation ever in the sport of wrestling, where death is always knocking at the door. It's financial backing from billionaire Benjamin Ball, has allowed the CGCW to acquire a endless pool of talent to fill its roster for both men and woman. CGCW put itself on the map last year with a victory at RUMBLE LAND IV from Ruthless Rhonda Weeks, earning the CGCW its first RUMBLE LAND championship.

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