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Common Questions

A: RUMBLE LAND is an online, interactive comic book for wrestling fans, for comic junkies, and for people who just like to be a part of great things. Members of RUMBLE LAND will have access to exclusive content such as contests, every non pay-per-view issue of RUMBLE LAND, polls, and much more. If reading is not enough to entice you to join the action, by Creating a Wrestler of your own to join the RUMBLE LAND universe and possibly be the next RUMBLE LAND champ.

Q: How does it work?
A: Membership to RUMBLE LAND will begin after the release of the free preview issue.  The membership fee will only cost $1.00 a month ($12.00 a year) and give you access to all exclusive content. Once payment is made, members will create their user names and passwords in order to log in to the action.

Q: How can I see RUMBLE LAND comics?
A: There are two ways to view RUMBLE LAND comics:

  1. The first way is via our website, For just $1.00 a month, you can read each issue of RUMBLE LAND online, as many times as you desire.

  2. The comic can also be downloaded in PDF format for a $3.00 fee.

Q: Do we sell prints?
A: For all the real comic book fans, you can purchase your own copy of each issue of RUMBLE LAND at (link will be provided) for $5.00. Then, your own collector’s edition will be sent to you via mail.

Remember...RUMBLE LAND is a wrestling comic book with 3 federations.  Therefore, you can count on "paper"- view events from each of the federations (CCW, BAW, and CGCW)!

  1. These editions will just be available for a limited time only!

  2. They will only be sold in a printed format.

Q: Will I have to register my wrestler every month?
A: No! The wrestler registration is a one time fee.  Unless your wrestler is defeated in a match that prevents them from continuing, they will be in the RUMBLE LAND world forever.

Q: How does my wrestler move up in the rankings?
A: RUMBLE LAND’S rankings are determined by the wrestler’s fan base.  Members will be able to vote for their favorite wrestlers in each division and those outcomes determine the match. This means that the more people you bring to RUMBLE LAND to garner your support, the better chance you have at making to RUMBLE LAND!

Q: Can I register more than one wrestler?
A: Yes, however wrestlers cannot be identical (Same name, appearance, personality).

Q: Can my wrestler have tattoos?
A: Definitely!  We want our wrestlers to be as unique as the person who they are created from. You must provide pictures to our artist at

For more questions contact our support team at

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