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Are You The Next Champ?

This Is Your Story


This is your rise to the top of the New Age Wrestling World. With the craze of Backyard Wrestling fading, and the new popularity of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Cage Fighting at its peak, the "wrestling game" was forced to lose the acting and silly gimmicks with fake matches and fixed championships. The days of 80's wrestling are over. Now enters RUMBLE LAND! A raw, brutal, real world of gladiator wrestlers battling in three federations, all thriving to be RUMBLE LAND King!  These three Wrestling Federations, BAW, CGCW, and CCW, are as real and extreme as it gets. However, one thing is different...

It’s all real! The strongest man takes all.  Additionally, with the new millennium money provided by owner Shamba Silver, there is plenty of bank to go around for new talent, Including you! Once a year, CCW and Silver host the biggest event in sports, RUMBLE LAND.  RUMBLE LAND is  a "paper-view" event bringing all three wrestling federations together to decide who is really the baddest on the planet!

Have our artist create you as a wrestler. Choose your wrestling federation and see if you can make your way to the top!  Follow both your wrestlers and others throughout each issue as they crave for stardom; remove the competition; and beat, wrestle, and pound their way to the main event of wrestling... RUMBLE LAND! YOUR TIME IS NOW!

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